I'm Sam, founder of Sudor.

My journey to personal well-being was born from an uncomfortable sauna experience - the smell of stench packed into a hot box like sardines and lots of coughing.

It made me wonder – must we navigate through such unease to access the benefits of heat therapy?

I knew the benefits were incredible I just couldn't access them with ease.

At-home alternatives came with discouraging price tags that I couldn't afford.

Sudor emerged from this query, offering not just a product, but a personal, affordable, and effortlessly portable solution to wellness.

We're a passionate team dedicated to constructing a bridge to a better version of ourselves and delivering a uniquely tailored experience that speaks to your individual wellness needs.

Sudor is not merely about crafting products; it’s about a path towards a healthier, better you without compromising comfort, privacy, or budget.

Our portable saunas are not just wellness tools; they are personal sanctuaries designed to elevate your self-care experience at your convenience and comfort.

We stand firmly on the belief that wellness and empowerment from self-care should be an accessible reality for all, not a luxury.

Together, let's move toward a brighter, healthier future, shedding layers of self-consciousness, and welcoming a world where your wellness journey is personal, accessible, and intimately yours.

Here’s to unveiling a narrative of relaxation, health, and profound self-love with Sudor.